Wang FuLai

Wang Fulai was born in Nan Tou Xian, Taiwan, in 1941. When he was 15 he became a student of master Wang Shujin and studied all the arts taught by him: qigong and zhanzhuang, taijiquan, xingyiquan, baguazhang and the weapons of all these styles. In order to attend these lessons and study with master Wang Shujin, he got up every morning at half past three, cycled for an hour and a half and began training at five. After many years of training, he began to teach on his own and to substitute his teacher in many events in Taiwan.

Despite being a delicate and apparently fragile young man, he frequently fought with much larger opponents and always prevailed by applying master Wang Shujin’s teachings.

When he was 29 he went with his master to Japan and, in the same period, to Singapore. In this occasion he had the chance to learn Master Wang Shujin’s ultimate secrets and teachings and was chosen as successor and head of the Cheng Ming Martial Arts Association, which since then has been active not only in Taiwan, but also in the United States, Japan, Argentina, Israel, Australia.

Thanks to Master Wang Fulai, today we can come to know the tradition of Chinese internal martial arts, its training methods, many anecdotes on the recent history of Chinese internal disciplines and on grandmaster Wang Shujin.