Paolo Magagnato

Paolo Magagnato is the technical director and founder of Cheng Ming Europe. He has been a student of Master Wang Fulai since 2003, but he has been practising the taijiquan form and the basics of xingyiquan and baguazhang of Wang Shujin since the 1980s. He has a degree in Physical Education and an ISEF Diploma.

Paolo has translated two books from French and has written numerous articles for martial arts and physical education magazines. He is well known and appreciated for his vast research in the field of motility.

Since 1987 he has been regularly visiting China, Japan and Taiwan to deepen his knowledge. In Italy he has been collaborating with various experts in various fields of human movement. His constant desire to know and evolve has led him through the years to meet with many Eastern and Western masters an open mind.

Paolo Magagnato began his martial arts practice in 1977 with karate, soon accompanied by the study of Okinawan kobudo, to the level of 1st dan. In 1980 he met master Kenji Tokits, from whom he learnt the rudiments of taikiken, yiquan, xingyiquan, baguazhang and taijiquan of Wang Shujin. Paolo was Mr Tokitsu’s school’s technical director for Italy until 1998, reaching the level of 5th dan. In those years he practiced kenjutsu with master Tetsuzan Kuroda and qigong with Dr Toshihiko Yamada. In 1989 he began his qigong practice with professor Li Xiaoming, whom he followed for nine years. From 1990 to 1995 he also practiced wing chun with master Nino Bernardo and attended teachers’ training in his school.

In June 1999 Paolo left Mr Tokitsu’s school and carried his research on independently, going to the sources of the work he had done in previous years by studying with the clear intent of coming to know the internal styles of Chinese martial arts, taijiquan, xingyiquan and baguazhang, and their synthesis, yiquan-dachengquan.

In 2000, Paolo met master Guo Guizhi, with whom he is still training in dachengquan (yiquan). In May 2003 he met in Florence master Wang Fulai and master Huang Shuchun and with them he reviewed his practice of the disciplines of the Cheng Ming school, which he had never stopped studying.

In the summer of 2009 Paolo went to Taiwan and became an internal student of the Cheng Ming school. In that occasion master Wang Fulai asked him to spread the teachings of the school in Europe.